Lady In Waiting

 Mother of Mine

It’s Mothers Day and I’m paying tribute to the most beautiful woman I have and will ever know: my Mother.

It’s fitting that I have a poem that I’d like to share with you.

Lady In Waiting

by William Ellis
Your Mother is your first love
Your guardian and your friend,
Who stays with you through childhood,
She’ll defend you ’til the end.
She watches while you sleep, lad,
She watches while you play,
Who tucks you up in bed, lad,
When you’ve had a busy day.

Who gives you all those kisses
And the cuddles, too,
They say there’s no-one like Mother
And I’m sure that is true.
A Mother’s love is endless,
Her caring instinct, too.
Nothing is too much trouble,
She’ll do anything for you.

Then when you’ve grown older,
Have a family of your own,
When you have a problem,
Who’s the first one that you phone?
Of course, it is your Mother
And the things she used to do.
Then remember that your Mother
Is very much part of you.

I think about my Mother
All the year through,
Not just on Mothering Sunday
Like some people do.
I think about my Mother
Though she’s no longer here with me,
But she’ll remain forever
In my heart and memory.

Our Mothers: a haven in a sometimes crazy, mad and wonderful world.

Mine taught me to know right from wrong, respect and decency with two well spoken sayings:

“Do unto others as you’d wish to be done by” and “Tell the Truth and shame the Devil”. 

Values I live my life by, always have and always will. Never veering away from what she steadfastly instilled into my very core and being: I’m so very proud that I am my Mother’s daughter. Thank you God for sharing the most precious of gifts – my Mother.

Beautiful, glamorous and dignified, with grace, style and poise she made me who I am today. Always supportive, extremely funny, unbelievably tolerant, generous, forgiving, kind, caring, warm and brave, the most beautiful lady to have shared so much of herself.

I am eternally grateful and so extremely proud to have been born from such a strong-minded, independent and loving woman.

I am who I am today because of my beautiful Mother.

Thank you, Fruitina.

My undying love, now and for always, forever.