David Ruffley MP commits domestic violence

And receives a caution? A mere caution? Why? When the crime of domestic violence has been commit?

One questions such a flimsy ‘police action’. We know how far too many perpetrators of domestic violence fail to be charged, if charged at all, due, primarily to the criminal justice system’s lack of training as to how domestic violence impacts upon victims, it’s lack of training as to how perpetrators work and their inbuilt sense of ‘entitlement’ that they believe they have every ‘right’ to do as they please thinking they have commit no crimes towards their victims.

Set these contributory factors aside for just one minute and let’s acknowledge the very fact that so few domestic violence perpetrators are actually charged resulting in fewer than 10% of all estimated domestic violence crimes actually being prosecuted. This alarming fact sends out all the wrong messages to perpetrators. Perpetrators already know that the existing criminal justice system – the very system which is stacked heavily in numbers and served by the very echelons of society that David Ruffley MP moves within – is fundamentally askew in its approach to justice being administered for victims, with its concerns about ‘good’ crime statistics rendering it impotent and its inbuilt cultural ethos of generally protecting perpetrators, resulting in victims being abandoned in the processes that are akin to 200, 300 years ago and not the modern day 21st century we inhabit.

The position of being a Member of Parliament carries much responsibility, gravitas and influence. Mr Ruffley cannot remain in office administering his duties, and influencing policies and laws that impact upon law abiding citizens and domestic violence perpetrators, nor can he be permit to have influence or lobby his fellow parliamentary colleagues to define UK policies and the very laws that so dismally fail so very many domestic violence victims currently. We have a system that places the onus upon victims – the onus needs to be and has to be, fairly, rightly, placed upon the perpetrators of these crimes.

With the Domestic Violence Bill 2014 campaign gathering momentum, Mr Ruffley cannot be allowed to influence and interfere with much needed legislation that will recognise domestic violence as a crime in the UK and with this legal reform, inject much needed public confidence in the current criminal justice system when confidence in reporting the crime of domestic violence is at an all time low.

Victims must have faith that the system will protect them. That justice will prevail. This is not the case presently.

And that perpetrators will not be elevated to the dizzying heights of status and social mobility that being a MP brings.

Mr Ruffley’s beliefs towards domestic violence are now publicly known. He cannot retain office as to do so ‘rewards’ the act of domestic violence and the perpetrator, with the Establishment appearing to say ‘Naughty: don’t do it again. Oh, and here’s your seat in the House of Commons’.

Please let’s see justice done.

David Ruffley MP must resign his position and relinquish his status by doing so.

Domestic violence perpetrators must never be rewarded.


Domestic Violence: A Postcode Lottery from Police Force to Force

As Newsnight lead with domestic violence last night looking specifically at how police forces deal with it, I watched as political point-scoring seemed the order of the article rather than the very real issue of the inconsistencies in approach from one force to force. I sat trying to fathom how on earth we, society, got so very blasé about this most prevalent and morally repugnant of crimes.

For those of you who missed it, lead article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03y45c1/Newsnight_10_03_2014/ …

One in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime and one woman every three days is murdered by an ex or current partner. If such horrific numbers were attributed to deaths at football stadia, there would be a national outcry! But, hey…nothing! Why not? Are we closing our eyes and ears to what is perceived an ‘invisible’ issue because without any direct knowledge or experience of how debilitating and dangerous a crime domestic violence is, we live in ignorant bliss believing it will never happen to us?

Let’s put it more simplistically: know four women? Statistics suggest that one of these four women will be experiencing domestic violence at some point in her life. That time could be now. As stigma surrounding domestic violence still prevails, it serves to stifle voices reaching out as shame hides deep inside its victims, fearfully of being judged….a deafening silence that translates to only few being able to voice what is happening. And when a victim is brave enough to report, the police response is wholly inadequate in some UK regions at bringing perpetrators to justice.

Chances are high that one day, this same said crime might just be impacting your life, too. Think it can’t and won’t happen to you? You simply don’t know…it can creep into your life like some virus infection and take hold before you know it, rendering you immune to reality and at it’s devastating mercy.

So, I urge you to write to the Chief Constable of your police force as well as your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and ask them what they intend to do about reducing this abhorrent crime whilst effectively holding perpetrators to account. Ending Victimisation and Blaming @EVB_Now have kindly drafted a letter to help you make contact with your Chief Constables and your PCCs, wherever you live (details are included per region). Simply copy and paste:


Don’t waste another minute thinking domestic violence won’t happen to you, that no-one you know is a victim of it and why should you bother…bother because one day it could be YOU or someone you love needing a trained police response with effective policing that leaves you feeling heard, believed, safe and proud – not further abused by inadequate policing towards domestic violence.

Together, we have a MASSIVE voice! Lets use it!

Email this draft letter to your Chief Constables and PPCs – NOW!



…I can, I do.

I raise awareness of the abhorrent crime that we, as a society are too swift to ignore or pay no heed to. What crime do I refer to? That of the most horrendous betrayal of one person to another they profess to love…

Domestic Violence.

I will be writing more about this growing issue as my blog develops. For now, please know that I am commenting about the launch of Clare’s Law today, the 8th March 2014 over on Paul Bernal’s blog: http://paulbernal.wordpress.com – come and comment, too. The more people who openly discuss this growing social issue, the more we help lift the stigma off it that we can aim to really address this issue, openly and constructive.